The Series

Here it is! Liberty's adventures are back, and you can read them here!

Liberty's First Comic Adventure
Liberty's first full-length 3D adventure, where she confronts a horror resurrected from WWII.

Liberty: The American Girl #1

The Written Adventures
Non-graphical adventures of Liberty!

"For Honor And Liberty"
A written story by Glen Sprigg

A "bootleg" comic book tale
A written story by SD Anderson


Liberty's Second Comic Adventure
The Platinum Patriot's adventures continue with villains new and old, featuring a star-spangled team-up with AC Comic's Ms. Victory™! (Ms. Victory™ appears in FEMFORCE created by Bill Black)

Liberty: The American Girl #2

Bonus Written Adventure!
Read this hilarious bonus adventure featuring the Gizmo Bug!

"A Young Bug's Fancy"
A written story by JR Carter


"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that
we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship,
support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival
and the success of liberty. "

President John F. Kennedy, Jan. 20, 1961

Post-script, May 2005:

In the mid-1990s, I ran a short superhero campaign for some friends using the Superbabes Femforce RPG. It was four-color, tongue-in-cheek, and a lot of fun (my favorite of all the rpg campaigns I've ever run). One of the NPCs I created and used in that game was Liberty, who at that time was more of a seasoned heroine, with the stature in the hero community comparable to Wonder Woman. After that game ran its course I decided to start a gamng site and, thanks to an add for Poser in a computer catalog, started work on a 3D version of her. Finding a few 3D comics online pushed me into creating one of my own, so work began on detailing Liberty and putting together a story. One change for the comic was to make Liberty younger, a new heroine just starting out. Also, 'The American Girl' tag was added in order to distinguish her from the other Libertys found in comicdom. The 'world' of Los Angeles as it's shown in the comic is pretty much the same one from the original rpg campaign, with several characters reappearing (notably, The Gizmo Bug).

Liberty's online adventures began in January, 1999 when I began posting the first comic and completed it February (iirc) 2000. The idea was to write a story involving a cool heroine that was entertaing, humorous with a fair share of surprises (not many of those on the comic book shelves). After the first one I figured there were enough improvements to be made that warranted another, so work on the second story began that Spring. Remembering how much work the last one was and how long it took, I originally planned to make a shorter comic. However with a short story I wouldn't be able to get deep enough into the plot, so that idea was nixed and a more involved one was created. This time I wanted something a little dark, in order show the flexibility of the character. The plot was eventually toned down before it was finished and, with the permission from Bill Black at AC Comics to feature Ms. Victory in a guest spot, it was ready to go. On Labor Day weekend, 2001 I began posting her second comic online and finished it in September (iirc, again) 2002. went online November 16, 1999 and was taken down in May 2005. Liberty may reappear in the future, it's just a question of when and in what form.

Alan Brzozowski, creator of Liberty


Post-script, May 2013:

And here we are several years later.

When I had asked for Alan's blessing to republish Liberty earlier in the year, I could not have foreseen the reaction I got. The comic had been offline for nearly ten years, and I couldn't believe how many people remembered it. Back when I first saw it in early 2002, I realized just how much in common Liberty had with the character I was developing, and bringing her back on my website feels like a circle has been completed. As long as Dasien has a presense on the internet, then Liberty will have a home here. She's back for good.

This really couldn't have been done without Alan. I was fortunate enough to have stayed in contact with him over the years, and he had sent me the website demo CD, on which this current website is based. I also took the liberty (no pun intended) to go searching on the Internet Archive for content not featured on the CD. The biggest coupe from this excavation was the trilogy of fan-written Liberty adventure stories, which are not to be found on the demo CD. These adventures have not been readily available on the internet in some time. It's extremely fortunate that I had chosen to do this when I did. Not long after I rescued this content, the website was removed from the Internet Archive database permanently.

I was also able to track down most of the gallery images and host them here. There are a few CG-rendered images that have escaped me, and if anyone has them, I'd be gracious for their donation. I've chosen to remove the photomanips, however, as it's not clear who made them. Even in cases where I wasn't able to find track down the contributors of the content on this site, I feel it's at least important to give credit.

The original comic adventure has been reformatted into a traditional webcomic format. I don't think Comic Genesis would have appreciated me hosting the PDF version here. The second adventure is not yet available, but it will be back in time. Though the rights issues have been cleared up regarding a certain character, I've decided to save it for a very special occasion. (Note: As of 2014, Liberty's second adventure is available in full!)

I hope everyone appreciates this blast from the past. And who knows? Maybe we haven't yet heard the last from Liberty: The American Girl.

Neil Purcell, creator of Dasien

"Cool site!"
 Anna-Marie Goddard
Miss January 1994
and 40th Anniversary Playmate

Though the Liberty comics feature no real nudity or rough  language,
the story and some of the humor is intended for adult
and teen audiences.

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